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Attention: All Flatironers with curly hair I need help?

Okay so I finally found a decent flatiron not a Chi but it gets my hair straight in under an hour before I made the hundred and something dollar commitment I wanted to see how often I would actually use it so I bought a Remington wet 2 straight and it works pretty good for the 30 dollars it cost. It looks really straight silky and pretty at first but then as time goes by the waves and curls creep back here is my routine let me know whats missing I need something to keep my hair straight.1.wash and condition with biolage ultra hydrating shampoo and conditioner 2.loreal hot n straight to cut down on drying time and biosilk glazing gel to reduce frizz(I thought that this would help it stay straight 3.separate hair into four sections then flat iron protector spray then flat iron each section 4. silk drops to tame frizz and add shine It looks really pretty at first but it quickly waves then curls up so what's missing?Attention: All Flatironers with curly hair I need help?
Most likely what is happening is your flat iron doesn't get hot enough to seal the hair to keep it smooth. You are using all the right products, it's probably just your flat iron. This happened to me with the Hot Tools Flat Iron. $30 bucks was a good deal, but it only keeps it smooth and nice for a little while before the frizz and fluff and curls would come back...Attention: All Flatironers with curly hair I need help?
u have to wash ur hair with any shampoo and conditioner. then blow dry it completely dry. then put kara-care hair lotion then straiten it . it should last 5 to 7 days

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Is your hair curling up in areas where you sweat (like the nape of your neck)? You may need to do touch ups during the day. Or, you may need to consider having your hair relaxed a bit to get continuous smooth look. Also, try sleeping with a satin pillow or pillowcase. This is a known trick for waking up without bedhead, and avoiding wrinkles; the satin allows your hair and skin to move freely rather than get stretched and pulled during the night. Otherwise, you may need to upgrade to a Chi or Hai flat iron- my $30 flat iron worked great for a few months, but then not so much. I eventually decided to get a HAI, and it works much better.

For hair products, I always recommend Kiehl's silk groom or Aveda Hang Straight creme.
There is nothing wrong with what you are useing maybe you should ask you stylist/hair dresser for help but i have the same straightener and i also have to use my other one!!!! but i dont know!!! If you dont already try to blow dry it!!!! and amybe get another one to see if it is just the strightener!!!
Your hair may just be too curly to stay straight. If I were you, I would concentrate on eliminating the frizz and making your curls fabulous. The number 1 reason why curly haired people want straight hair is because they have a cut and styling technique not right for curly hair, and they think that the reason their hair looks bad is because of the curls. If you get the right technique and cut to make your curls outstanding, trust me, you will love them.
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  • How can I deal with my hair?

    Help! I have really thick hair, and it's curly, but not the cute curls. When I leave it natural, it frizzes like crazy. If I try the cream thats supposed to help curls, it makes it worse. I've used so many products to help curly hair but none of them made a difference. Also, hair straightening/defrizzing products don't help either. I'm worried I might damage my hair if I straighten it too much, and it's also a pain to straighten. It takes me an hour to straighten my hair, and I have a chi.

    I've had it relaxed and it worked pretty well, but I don't have the money to do it again.

    Can anyone tell me how I can get my hair to look acceptable (either curly or straight, it doesn't matter) without using heat products or spending a ton of money?How can I deal with my hair?
    hmm....i have a similar predicament. not sure how to get away from the heat products, but this is what i do to limit damage and save time:

    1. wash your hair REALLY GOOD at night and let it air dry. that way when you get up it will be dry without having to blow dry and you can get right to flat-ironing which is WAY FASTER than blow drying if you hair is already dry.

    2. by this product to put in your hair before flat ironing: ';got2be crazy sleek';. it is phenomenal.

    3. don't put anything else in your hair after flat ironing. wear it down, and then don't wash it so you can keep the hair the next day. if it's a little oily the next day put it up or do a half-pony. usually i can wear it down two days in a row if i don't touch it too much or it's not too hot out.

    my hair is really very thick, this is the system i use during the week because it only takes me about a half-hour every other morning to style. i've never had success with the ';natural look'; although lord knows i've tried...


    okay i have hair thats about a inch past my shoulders and have a lot of layers. I normally straiten my hair but i love to curl it. In the past i curled it with my sraitener (CHI) but it doesnt really look good. How do i make my hair really curly with like small curls and not really wide ones. Please help. (: Thanks, you rock.HAIR HELP????? PLEASE.?
    I've learned that to curl with small rollers you need to have

    1 plenty of them to cover all over the parts of your hair that you want curly

    2 hair pins to attach your hair to the rollers

    If you have this then once you've rolled your hair sit under a dryer for about 30 mins. After that if you need to sleep in them.

    hope this helps! bye

    Curly, to straight, to frizz in 6 minutes?

    ok, to describe my hair, i have this Hermione hair/ irish curl hair/ fizz frizz frizz hair.(im mixed so its not one set type)

    i hate it, so i straighten it with my CHI, but the slightest physical activity or (and ive timed it) 6 minutes of being alive, and my roots will either get sweaty or oily, causing the roots to frizz back. then it looks horrible, so i just put my hair in a pony tail all the time.

    how can i stop this? any good products? (ive tried alot, i hate alot of them becuase they not only smell bad once the flat iron hits the product, but it makes the hair stiff, i hate that)Curly, to straight, to frizz in 6 minutes?
    use that chi silk infusion.....curly is in right now....Curly, to straight, to frizz in 6 minutes?
    u want to get a seramic hair straighterner and u want to find bumble bee products they have a cream caled bumble bumble cream a dab of that no more frizz too
    sounds like you sweat alot? lol jp

    you should look at Paul Mitchells Super skinny, its a great product, and one of the top ones to fight frizz


    I have kinda thick %26amp; curly hair. I straighten it most of the time but if i 'scrunch' it with gel, it gets frizzy later in the day.I have a CHI straightener and it straightens really well. It says you can also curl your hair with it but i dont know how to do that. I tried to use a curling iron but it didn't work very well. I want to try to get soft curls kinda like the red-haired model on the American Eagle website. Does anybody know how to do that or something like that thats easy and quick?Also does anyone know how to do curls with a CHI straightener?Hairstyles??
    first you need to take a shower and brush your hair wait till your hair dries but make sure you don't put any products in your hair, then you take your curling iron and just simply curl you can even get soft curls because you brushed your hair. now to curl your hair with a straitening iron is very simple just reapete what i just said except use a straitening iron. except your straightener has to have round edges. then take the (small) piece of hair put it in the straightener and curl your hair wile twisting it three times on the outside and that will get you three loops so now you have curly SMOOTH hair!!Good luck.Hairstyles??
    Continue to use gel but also use a HAIR DIFFUSER - best invention for curly hair. Easy and quick. Enjoy your new style!
    I have thick wavy hair and i use john frieda frizz ease spray and my hair is never gets very frizzy. also i have heard that using a towel to dry your hair makes it frizzy so i usually let it just air dry. brush it whens its wet because when its dry and you brush it it tends to get messer. hope this helped.

    How to get hair wavy/ loose curls??

    How can i get my hair wavy 4 2moro???? i cant go out and buy any products!!!

    here's what ive got to work with:

    my naturally straight-ish hair

    a straightener

    a bed head blow dryer with a diffuser

    a round barrel chi brush

    curlers (large and smaller-ish)


    heres some hair i want it to look like:

    (im a blonde)………

    so...ya... winner=20 points.

    ill give you the 10 pts for this ? and then another pointless / that you can just say hi and i'll give you best answer!



    meghanHow to get hair wavy/ loose curls??
    This works for me...

    If your straightener is small enough, wrap your hair around it to create curls, or do this with your curlers lightly. Afterwards, lightly run your fingers through your hair and brush a little bit if you must. It works everytime.

    I reccommend you put something on your hair to protect it from the heat....Morracan (spelling?) Oil is the best. It adds shine and health to your hair and protects it from the heat.How to get hair wavy/ loose curls??
    Well my hair is already a little wavy, but I get my hair to look JUST like the first pic, actually its like that right now, all I do is when I get out of the shower (you can spray some holding stuff if you have any but you dont have to have it) and ';scrunch'; your hair, starting at the bottom of your hair push it up and just keep doing that all over for a few minutes then let it dry
    Hi, Meghan.

    I'll try to help you out here.

    Use your straightener and turn it on your hair 360 degress, you can go on and type in ';how to curl hair with straightner''.

    You can also try wetting your hair with water and put the curlers in your hair and blowdry it and go to sleep with them on.
    There are a couple good easy ways to get your hair like this

    1 is a curling iron which is an easy fast way to curl hair.

    2 is when wet twirl your hair into ringlets then pin them up to your head, sleep with them over night. This will hurt though

    3 soft curlers, these are like the pins except you will more likely get waves more than curls but use these and hairspray them, sleep with them over night.

    hope these help
    I have really straight hair that's really hard to curl. What I normally do, is get it wet, then braid it (as many braids as you can get is best.... two french braids are good too) and sleep on it. In the morning, un-braid it, and it'll be wavy.

    Good luck!
    What I do when I want wavy hair is that I braid my hair at night when its damp and i go to sleep with it in and in the morning my hair is wavy.
    Well, do you have any hair sprays, gels, mousses? Cause you can't do much, since it's not gonna hold.
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  • I have a Flat Iron, I try to create waves, and only HALF successful!?

    So, I use a Chi flat iron. I don't like the thing despite the many raving reviews people give it. 1. it fails at keeping hair straight all day 2. pulls my hair 3. seems hard for me to create waves.

    Yesterday I washed my hair. I used a deep conditioner from Avon called planet spa. After that I towel dried my hair. I have very thick, long, wavy, dark brown hair. The thing is, I love my wavy hair when it is done drying! BUT it's frizzy, and when I brush it the waves are suddenly gone and barely wavy. So I decided to look on youtube or google how to get waves with a chi flat iron. I tried EVERYTHING. I clamped the flat iron on a section of hair, rotated it 180, pulled it down, and....STRAIGHT HAIR. It WASN'T like it was in the youtube video! ??? so where did I go wrong? Also, I tried to wrap my hair around the plates and then pull down as shown in another video...the flat iron didn't glide down like the video showed, it was actually STUCK. It wouldn't budge it was wrapped around so much! I don't live with my mother, so I never knew how to keep hair looking good in humidity or how to straighten or curl hair at all. So I really need this information or some advice on how to make my hair better and actually be able to create waves without my hair being stuck or doing the opposite and straightening. Or, maybe an answer on how to keep the waves when my hair is done drying?I have a Flat Iron, I try to create waves, and only HALF successful!?
    when you get out of the shower, scrunch a mousse for wavy hair (garnier makes a great one!) into you hair and let it dry. it will be wavy but the frizz should be gone.